Messaging is the cornerstone of interoperability. Large-scale exchange of clinical information creates many challenges due to the variety of software applications, user organisations, changing standards and demands for government and industry compliance.

HealthLink's products and services are used by 99% of New Zealand GPs and more than 90% of Australia’s GPs, along with thousands of other health sector organisations. As Australasia’s most successful health system integrator, HealthLink brings an enormous amount of experience and knowledge regarding complex issues in the areas of security, privacy, authentication, system to system interfaces, standards compliance, as well as day to day support of integrated health IT environments.

HealthLink’s key strategic direction is to develop and implement high quality online services using web-services based technology and to integrate those into a high value service offering that enables practices to communicate with the rest of the sector in a manner that is reliable, seamless, secure and efficient.

HealthLink plays a key role within the New Zealand and Australian health sectors, delivering a range of messaging, security and online services.  HealthLink is responsible for the exchange of approximately 80 million electronic messages annually amongst 15,000 healthcare organisations and it provides widely used authentication infrastructure and a growing range of online services.

Integration and interoperability are key to achieving this large scale success in the secure messaging space. HealthLink has a dedicated team that works with EMR vendors providing them the assistance and guidance.

HealthLink is Australia’s the leading secure messaging provider offering Health Care organisations in every state/territory the ability to securely exchange information with their referrers. Our dominant market share is supported by an excellent service model that supports each stakeholder at every stage of their eHealth journey.

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