MedSquared - Improving health care

MedSquared is a young, innovative company made up of doctors, software engineers and experienced consultants passionate about improving health care.

MedSquared have recently launched Bleep - a secure messaging platform designed for convenient communication for practitioners and improved security and efficiency for hospitals.

For doctors and health care teams Bleep's key benefit is the simple, easy to use communication platform that is accessed by the entire team – making it easier and convenient to provide great patient care.

Bleep - Key Features


  • Bleep is a communication app for use on smartphones and has a browser based interface for desktops
  • Team members share text updates, photos, create and assign tasks
  • Bleep uses industry standard (2048 bit) encryption, requires end users to authenticate each time
  • Data is never stored on a device so if lost or stolen there's no threat of data loss
  • Hospitals and facilities can leverage the flexibility of Bleep by setting up communication channels to align with their departments and work flows
  • In comparison to task assignment focussed platforms on the market, Bleep encourages team collaboration and communication, enhancing the working lives of clinicians and care teams

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