1ST Group Ltd

1ST Group Ltd

We enable early intervention, support continuity of care and encourage good patient choices through our carefully designed solutions. We are passionate about improving patient care, healthcare practice and doctor productivity. Serving Private Practice, Corporate and Government customers.

1ST Group is an ASX listed health, media and technology company building Australia’s leading health services portal, MyHealth1st.com.au, Australia’s online pet service portal PetYeti.com.au and corporate and government solutions platform GObookings.com.au. These integrated platforms provide an easy to use online search and appointment booking service and offer a range of value added apps and services that facilitate digital patient and customer engagement. To find out more visit 1stGrp.com, MyHealth1st.com.au, PetYeti.com.au and GObookings.com.au.

The company has now taken over 6million appointments online, supports over 5,500 sites across a broad range of health care sectors including GP, Dental, Allied, Specialists, Pharmacy, Hospitals and government agencies, and is now the market leading provider in the Optometry and Pharmacy sectors.

The company's products integrate with over 45 Practice Management Software systems.

1ST Group also offers a range a of add-on products including Self Checkin Kiosks, EasyFeedback, EasyRecalls, SMS Reminders, Mobile Apps, New Patient Details Apps etc.

Please contact us via http://info.myhealth1st.com.au/practice/ for more information.



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