Leading the transformation in health information management

With the increased adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) and the rapid rise in the use of analytics to direct health care delivery and funding, data has become a hospital’s most important asset. It has also become one of the most challenging to manage.

3M Health Information Systems is leading the transformation in health information management with best-practice programs, consultancy and tools to help capture, track and report clinical data. 3M’s consulting teams of clinical and coding experts have already helped guide over 5,000 hospitals worldwide through their clinical documentation improvement journey.

The process results in improved EMR documentation in real time, and accurate, complete and compliant coded data. Combined, these lead to improved patient safety, quality of care and reimbursement. It’s all part of 3M’s purpose to create a future where clinical data will provide actionable patient insights and improved financial performance.


Speech Solutions - Market leading speech understanding technology for driving EMR workflows, Medical Imaging workflows and Dictation Workflows



Clinical documentation integrity - Market leading technology and best practice programs tailored to your hospital



Clinical Coding - Software to make data more accurate and complete



Clinical Data Grouping (Reimbursement Classifications) - Software to group coded data for analysis, reporting and reimbursement



Release of information - Software to ensure a streamlined and efficient process.


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