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Aceso Health

Aceso is a digital health technology provider with a mission to make health better for all. At Aceso we want to empower and enable the health workforce to simplify processes and enable integration across settings of care.


We’re driven by a passion for enhancing a patient’s care journey, reducing healthcare costs and system inefficiencies, through delivering and integrating the complexity of health systems. We assist you to navigate technological advancements and future-proof your delivery and care models to suit a world where consumers of health services expect more.


As the world moves to outcomes-based healthcare, organisations will need to ensure patient satisfaction as they evolve their service model from single patient interactions to supporting lifelong care plans. This requires friendly, yet meticulous software that manages multiple clinical and financial transactions across referral and medical payments platforms while ensuring that specialists and resources are leveraged for efficiency. We unite disparate healthcare systems to create a holistic system that’s highly secure, and easy to use. Once connected, entire health systems can operate as one (while still retaining their familiar systems that staff are confident using), maximising the use of skilled personnel and resources and speeding up wait times and tests to provide optimal care and outcomes.


Aceso has been successful over the past year with customers like Mercy Radiology who have implemented New Zealand’s first-ever online radiology booking platform. We also delivered the national roll-out in Macedonia and Serbia that provides care to over ten million patient while delivering a single source of truth health record on the Aceso Pinga platform. Aceso Pinga has over 90,000 users and has delivered close to 200 million occasions of service. It is secure by design, protecting the privacy of patients and data while boasting a 99.99% uptime. In addition to abolishing nation-wide waiting lists for care in a short six-month time frame and doubling a country’s system capacity, Pinga reduced wait times for most Macedonian patients who were referred to secondary or tertiary care to within one day. Since integration; specialists, radiologists and hospitals in the country treat twice as many patients with no additional investment. 



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