AlayaCare Software for Aged and Disability Care

AlayaCare Software for Aged and Disability Care

AlayaCare is a leading global provider of aged and disability care software and solutions. With an end-to-end solution spanning clinical documentation, back-office functionalityclient and family portals, remote patient monitoring, and a mobile home care app, we offer a platform for organisations to propel towards innovation and aged care of the future.

We are driven to enable the care we want our loved ones to receive in the place they call home.

We provide aged and disability care software to make running your organisation easier than ever, so you can focus on what really matters:

Optimise operations 
Streamline and automate tedious workflows, processes and approvals leaving you 
to focus on optimising operations. 

Deliver better care 
Seamlessly bring important client information to the forefront, share client updates with key stakeholders, leaving you to focus on delivering better care. 

Grow your business 
Ensuring your operations are consistent across multiple locations, information is updated and viewable for key stakeholders in real time, leaving you to focus on growing your business. 

Retain your employees 
Access to the tools and technology to create better employee experiences, simplify the collection of clinical data and optimise employee time and schedules, supporting you with the retention of your employees.

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