Alcidion has a mission to make healthcare better for everyone. Through our mix of specialist solutions and services we have a unique proposition for the healthcare sector.

Our next generation platform, Miya Precision, is based on FHIR and open standards to remove the interoperability issues faced by other healthcare systems. Miya Precision is the backbone of our solutions that solve critical clinical and business issues such as clinical documentation, mobility, patient flow and resource management by automatically pushing decision intelligence to the point of care to improve patient safety and care quality.

Miya Precision allows healthcare organisations to orchestrate care across an enterprise or region.  It removes the need to "rip and replace" existing systems thus optimising previous investments.  It can be deployed in a modular process to address critical requirements as a priority.

Underpinned by a purpose designed and built clinical decision support engine, Miya Logic, Miya Precision has the capability to directly support your clinicians in their workflow at the point of care.  Our aim is to make the right thing to do, the easiest thing to do.

The range of capabilities available in Miya Precision complements a "best of breed" or electronic medical record approach.  For example, our mobility solution, Miya Memory, integrates with existing systems to provide clinicians with the freedom to access a comprehensive electronic patient record when and where needed.

Our product capability is enhanced by the experience of our services team with specific expertise in data and analytics and integration and interoperability.  We have extensive knowledge of the systems in use in healthcare across Australia and New Zealand and provide our customers with the benefit of that existing capacity.

Find out how Alcidion can help your team make better, faster decisions for safer efficient patient care.

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