Allocate Software

Allocate Software

We have customers in 11 countries, with 800,000 people deployed using our software in over 800 organisations. Our headquarters are near London, and regional offices in the UK, Spain, Australia, and the Nordics.

Allocate Software initially launched presence in Australia in 2010. In 2011, we acquired Melbourne-based RosterOn, an Australian-based provider of workforce management software for the healthcare market.

We achieved success in the Australian market owing in great part to the Award Interpretation capability, able to automate payroll transaction processing for Australian industrial awards. The acquisition has accelerated our momentum in Australia in meeting the demand for rostering, labour management, and the time and attendance software needs of public and private sector organisations.

Today, Allocate Software is helping over  70 Australian and New Zealand customers to strike a balance between delivering staffing productivity and managing costs while ensuring safe patient care.

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