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Athena Software

Athena Software has been implementing and supporting our client management system, Penelope, in Australia and around the world since 2001. We’ve developed a secure SaaS system that provides a flexible tool set for collaborative care, and collecting, measuring, and reporting on client information, services outcomes and performance data. 


Penelope can accommodate a broad range of information and data requirements, clinical documentation, and service types without additional costs or customisation fees. Penelope is a secure, cloud-based solution designed to improve data quality and consistency, service delivery processes, and client outcomes, while reducing administrative burden and creating operational efficiencies for organisations who offer multiple services, often across multiple locations.  Our robust product offerings also enable remote practice management and remote service delivery including client engagement modules, teletherapy, telehealth and video chat compatibility.

The core structure and capabilities of Penelope help integrate your organisation's outcomes tracking, service planning and delivery, reporting, referral management, and more, by helping to harmonise your data and processes in one comprehensive system. Additionally, our integrated DSS/ DEX web services and NDIS modules allow for data interchange with federal agencies in a streamlined manner.

In addition, this core system is supported by our growing suite of client engagement options. These include ClientConnect, a mobile customer portal that gives your clients the ability to update their profile information, view and book appointments and video sessions, complete documentation or tasks, pay online, and stay connected to their service provider remotely, Engage, that allows clients to complete documentation and correspond with direct service providers via email and  Add.Me, a configurable web form that allows your clients to securely add themselves directly into Penelope.

Our commitment to mobility continues with the development of Penelope Mobile, a mobile portal for staff that provides access to key Penelope functions on smartphones and tablets for those who often work outside of the office.

Overall, Penelope’s structure and roadmap embodies global best practices in clinical and administrative system design, while including progressive concepts of client transparency and engagement, agency accountability, and coordinated, intelligent, and compassionate care.

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