Bp Premier

Bp Premier

Bp Premier has been specifically created to improve efficiencies within the medical practice – both for Doctors and Practice Managers.

Bp Premier allows the busy doctor to maintain quality electronic patient records, transfer information securely between agents (like results from pathology services), produce safe and legible prescriptions, and better manage preventive health care protocols for patients.

Monthly data updates provide surgeries with instant access to the most up to date information including; MIMS drug information, travel medicine, fee updates and more.

Bp Premier is also designed for Practice Managers - featuring an advanced billing, reporting and appointment book module fully integrated with the clinical program for seamless transmission of data.

Featuring practice reporting, online claiming and national e-health transactional compliance, doctors enjoy the benefits of instant electronic claims, as well as Tyro EFT functionality for instant patient billing and claiming. Bp Premier is the first choice in integrated general practice medical software, designed to put you and your practice needs ahead of the competition.

Great functionality alone would not have earned Bp Premier’s its enviable reputation. Unsurpassed customer support, low maintenance and the lowest cost of ownership complete the package.

Setting the standards in clinical management software for GPs, Best Practice was created by Dr Frank Pyefinch, pioneer of clinical software in Australia. The finches of the Galapagos pointed Darwin to the theory of evolution. The soaring finch logo is Dr Frank Pyefinch's personal guarantee that Bp software will continue to evolve in response to the particular needs of Australian doctors.



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