Cartula Health

Cartula Health

The Cartula Solution is a patient centric mobile application for individuals, families and communities.  Through secure HL7 integration and use of mobile technology, our solution simply and easily involves consumers and patients in the management of their ongoing healthcare.


Our solution has applications across the hospital, primary, diagnostic, Indigenous health and aged, disability and community care sectors in Australia.


The Cartula Solution places the customer first and provides individuals and families with a personal health diary that allows them to:


  •     Collect and share information from any health professional
  •     Add and update their own information 
  •     Communicate with eMR’s and existing systems for appointment management and information sharing
  •     Manage appointments


We use the consumers mobile phone as a secure storage device for their healthcare record. All information is stored, encrypted, in the app. We do not use cloud storage.

Mobile technology provides a simple solution for:


  •     Telemedicine with secure, encrypted document and information sharing
  •     Integration with complex clinical systems
  •     Simple data-sharing with anyone by using QR technology
  •     Communication between healthcare provider and patient/consumer
  •     Sharing of educational materials


The use of technology that is familiar to consumers makes it easy for consumers and patients to share information with anyone at any time, clinicians, specialists or GP can use the Cartula solution an add informatoin.  


Cartula has been created by an experienced team and currently operates with in Australia, India and Indonesia.  Our core belief is that everyone should have access to healthcare that is simple, affordable and most importantly, in their own control.

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