Cgov Solutions

Cgov Solutions

We specialize in solving complex workflow problems for Healthcare. Cgov Solutions App Store comprises over 

Cgov is certified by PRODA and Services Australia.  Cgov Staff Health Records has a live integration with AIR (Australian Immunisation Register) for all vaccination tracking. 

Replace paper and automate complex workflows:

Replace paper based forms and processes that are time consuming and inefficient

Replace the use of spreadsheets  that only provide a static view of a dynamic situation

Replace local databases with online cloud hosted solutions that are fully integrated into your core IT systems for HR, Finance, Operations or Admin

Build new workflows for requirements that draw data from your core IT systems and put back the decisions and results from the processed data

Reduce the cost and time of traditional IT projects

Key areas of expertise:

  •       Medical Staff Credentialing, Staff Medical Records and Workforce Management
  •       Covid-19 Vaccination tracking and verification 
  •       Junior Medical Officer Management (JMO)
  •       Prevocational Medical Training Accreditation
  •       GRC - Goverance, Risk & Compliance
  •       Incident Management including feedback and WHS
  •       Systems Integration with legacy IT systems including: EMR, PAS, HRIS, and Finance 
  •        No-Code Toolkit for Healthcare 
  •        Quality improvement  and Recommendation Tracking (QIRT) 
  •        Pharmacy - IPA/IPU and GPA/GPU non-formulary drug approvals  
  •        NDIS Retraints approval
  •        Emergency Response Staff Assignments
  •        Call Centre Logs
  •        Asset Management for Healthcare Equipment
  •        CME Expenses and Requests
  •        Request and Release of Information 
  •        Consumer Engagement and Clinical Outcomes Tracking 

With our No-Code Toolkit you can build prototypes, in a low-cost rapid development process; avoiding the costs and time of traditional IT projects.  Just click - drag - done user interface simplifies everything. 

Rapid Prototypes are another feature within the Cgov platform which helps customers continuous improve in live use, ensuring your Cgov Solutions always meet you latest requirements. The No-Code Toolkit enables Senior Executives and Business Managers the keys to cost-effectively respond to your specific changing business needs. 

CgovAccess our proprietary integration middleware enabling intergration with legarcy IT systems  and  BI Tools. 

Digital Transformation at your fingertips.....

The Cgov Enterprise Platform offers a multi-tenanted white label Platform as a Service using our proprietary methodology for rapid prototype development and deployment of integrated “As a Service” Solutions.  Each Platform hosts up to 50 white label URL environments and each environment hosts up to 200 integrated SaaS solutions.  Suitable for National or Global deployment.

Australian based private cloud for healthcare....

The Cgov Cloud Platform provides an option for larger healthcare organisations who require more flexibility, scalability and control.  



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