Charm Health

Charm Health

Charm Health is Australia’s leading supplier of specialist oncology eHealth systems with over 50 successful deployments to Australian public and private cancer care providers.  In the past decade over 65,000 patients have had their treatment managed using Charm Health solutions.

CHARM™ delivers comprehensive multi-site functionality that manages the clinical and administrative coordination of all aspects of a patient’s cancer care. With deep functionality in medical oncology, CHARM interoperates with radiation oncology solutions, thus creating a longitudinal patient record allowing CHARM users to view all appointments, treatment planning and treatment summaries.

CHARM mitigates compliance, clinical, financial and administrative risk by ensuring the most up to date patient information is available to all healthcare providers when making important clinical and prescribing decisions.

Charm Health supports the delivery of more efficient, cost effective and safer health care services in the complex medical care environment of oncology. CHARM provides tools that improve communications and automate repetitive tasks, whilst accommodating the complex rules and clinical requirements of specialist cancer care treatment protocols.

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