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Citadel Health

For more than 25 years, Citadel Health has specialised in creating and supporting software solutions, products and managed services for clinical applications, including diagnostic pathology and oncology applications in public and private hospitals. Citadel Health is a trusted provider of a wide range of solutions and services that enable clients to optimise, integrate and innovate across their health operations.

Citadel Health's solutions include:

EVOLUTION - a highly scalable and configurable Enterprise Class Laboratory Information System which has specialised functionality for multi-laboratory. 

AUSCARE - provides clinicians with intelligent views to assist in the management of their patient’s clinical result information. AUSCARE includes the full workflow for the clinician from paperless electronic ordering of diagnostic tests through to reviewing and approving result reports, preparing clinical summaries and discharge summaries for patients.

CHARM™ - an Oncology Information Management Solution that has been developed to support the multi-disciplinary team involved in the care of patients with cancer. Offering complete oncology patient management including comprehensive clinical pathways, dynamic scheduling and pharmacy management, this stand-alone system integrates with the multiple applications used in both the public and private health systems. 

e-BLOOD - a computer software system that enhances the operation of the transfusion laboratory, and ensures the safe and timely release of blood and other products to patients. The e-Blood blood banking system is a LIS specifically designed for blood banking and greatly improves the safety of transfusion practice, reduces blood wastage and increases laboratory efficiency.

Anaesthetic Private Practice - a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) practice management and billing solution for the anaesthetist market.

Hospital Unified Communications - We support hospitals and regional area health services through the design, installation and maintenance of health ICT communication systems and components.

Health Enterprise Service Management - We manage direct and indirect care workflows, collect relevant information to drive positive clinical outcomes, provides real-time analytics to improve clinician and patient care.

Citadel Health is part of The Citadel Group (ASX: CGL), a leading software and services company that specialises in secure enterprise information management in complex environments.

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