- The Medical Billing API - The Medical Billing API

We are a specialist provider of Medicare integration services. We've built the infrastructure for medical billing integration, so you don't have. Software developers can quickly incorporate electronic claiming into their products, freeing up resources to focus on your product and end users.
Reduced Development Time
We provide a simple, well-engineered set of API endpoints to get your billing application online. So fast, that you'll be able to test out our API with complete test claims on our development environment, instantly.
Increased Stability and Consistency
One set of API endpoints now, one stable set going forwards. If Medicare or the funds change, we'll adapt behind the scenes so that you don't have to. Your software just keeps working. Consistency and uptime are key. 
Reduce Claim Rejections
We use claim pre-validation to dramatically reduce rejected claims & increase cashflow by validating the format of claims before submission. All claims sent to us are comprehensively tested before submission, allowing you to find and fix possible rejected claims early.
Supported functions
  • Medicare/Fund/DVA/Concession Verifications (PVM, PVF, OPV, OVV, PVM, PVV, OCV)

  • Bulk Bill claims (BBS)

  • Medicare Claims (PCI)

  • ECLIPSE Claims (IMC)

  • DVA Claims (DVA) and DVA Allied Claims (VAA)

  • Overseas claims (OVS)

  • Online Eligibility Checking (OEC)

  • ECLIPSE Participants Report (GPR)

  • Processing and payment reports, ECLIPSE Remittance (ERA)

  • Automatic generation of required forms (DB4 Assignment of Benefits, Lodgement Advice etc)

  • Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

    • Encounters including vaccine serial numbers; Health Identifiers for provider and patient; recording vaccines that were given overseas
    • Authorisation Access List
    • Vaccine Codes
    • Individual Details including immunisation history as a PDF
  • In Hospital Claims (IHC)

Legacy support
If your software product relies on Medicare’s Client Adaptor technology, speak to us before you embark on a lengthy and expensive re-engineering for Medicare Webservices. We provide a simple migration path for you that will save months of development time.

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