CMH Practice Management

CMH Practice Management


We offer innovative medical services, backed by decades of clinical and operational success.


CMH Practice Management is the product of expansion planning drawing on over 20 years of practice management innovation backed by decades of clinical and operational success. The strategic move was made to accommodate the current surge in demand of delivering general practitioners and medical practices with a unique and ‘complete service offering’.

Castle Hill Medical Centre in the Sydney Hills district formed the original structure of CMH Practice Management and became its first customer. The successful clinic sees on average 130,000 patients a year. The innovative medical firm now houses five clinics under its banner as well as several new and exciting offerings including medical analytics tools, telehealth and lifestyle apps.

As general practitioners look for ways to ease the burden in dealing with the details of day-to-day operations, particularly in the strange and ever-changing dynamics of a pandemic, they are seeking ways to bring more value to their medical practice and step back from the operational demands.

CMH Practice Management also houses AHGP telehealth app, Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Programs (HELP), and medical analytics tool, Clinimetrix.


Clinimetrix is the most complete analytics tool available for medical practices in Australia. This detailed business intelligence platform is designed to enable you to understand all aspects of your business.

Clinimetrix allows you to see revenue opportunities, understand GP billing behaviour, the value of MBS and non-MBS items, trends over time, year on year comparisons, and so much more.

Clinimetrix also aids in the clinical management of patients.  At a clinical level, it offers pathology and prescription tracking – as well as diagnostic filters for patients to allow you to improve every aspect of chronic disease management and preventative health.

Simple Payroll.

Have you heard about our Simple Payroll tool? Our easy slider allows you to set the service fee for your group or individual practitioner. Calculate all payments received within a selected period in under 3 clicks, simply select your payment date(s) then Practice/GP%—to view the fees to be paid to the practitioner. Selections can be made by group, individual practitioner, or by MBS code.

Upgrade to CMx Plus

If you are a lover of reports, or looking to create some efficiencies for the team—this is the solution.

  •        Daily GP Reports - The daily report is an email sent out every day to each GP that includes detailed    figures and understanding of:
  1. Complete daily and, month to date results
  2. Previous day billings by patient, item code and invoice value
  3. Daily pre-emptive appointment book for CDM and HA items
  •        Macro Keys - designated to automatically create a desired report with the click of a button. Contact us to find out more.

       Want to start small?  Ask us about CMx Lite for less than the cost of a coffee a day


We work alongside medical practices to offer consulting services that can range to a complete business management solution. Freeing up your time to do what you do best – deliver professional high quality care in your community.

Our team of consultants are business strategists with extensive experience delivering services to medical practices across a range of specialised fields. We provide our clients with a bespoke solution mapped out to meet future goals and objectives.

Our consulting and managed services specialties.

Imagine everything integrated and running seamlessly in your practice... it's what we do. We have the people, skills, technology and business model to achieve this with any medical practice in Australia.

  •         Marketing & Communications

      Our marketing professionals are dedicated brand enthusiasts and communicators. We support you with patient communications and all aspects of reaching your desired audience, including brand awareness, digital marketing, and marketing materials.

  •         Information Technology 

      Our IT department deliver an integrated suite of communication and IT services, from the seamless setup of practice software, to server management, networking, phone and desktop support.

  •       Financial Services 

      Supported by our dynamic business intelligence tool Clinimetrix, our expert financial team attend to your budgeting, accounts payable & receivable, payroll, Medicare submissions, BAS, PIP and doctors payments.

  •         HR & Employee Management

      From building your team with the right professionals, to managing site services and accreditation compliance, we create a work environment conducive to success.



Pemelo is a simple and secure way for clinics to process Workplace & Pre-Employment Medicals electronically, quickly, and without hassle!

  • Secure and compliant with Australian eHealth privacy requirements
  • Convenient for candidates with smartphone-based surveys
  • Time-saving for clinic staff at every step
  • Automated with checklists and permission settings to avoid errors
  • Customisable to your clinic & each employer's requirements
  • Paperless from start to finish, with scan uploads if needed
  • A free tool suitable for all medical practices, Australia wide.


A holistic and individually customised program that promotes optimal health and wellbeing, while reducing risk factors associated with being overweight.

HELP incorporate healthy diet and exercise education. It provides food and exercise diaries, goal setting techniques, behavioural interventions, relapse prevention, measurements including blood pressure, waist circumference, weight / body composition analysis and appropriate blood tests.



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