DATA CAPTURE EXPERTS founded in 2011 has its base in Melbourne. A company providing digital solutions to organisations in healthcare, finance and government as they seek to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure compliance via digital transformation.  

DC2Vue® is DATA CAPTURE EXPERTS digital care coordination platform built to empower acute, mental health, aged, disability and community care service providers. The platform enables care providers to communicate with clients, manage and connect caregivers, and delivers person-centred care at scale. It’s presently enjoying a fine run as; the comprehensive source of amalgamated Triage, Residential, and Community care harmonisation, making it Australia’s most renowned digital mental health care coordination solution within the field.

We believe that the most meaningful way to create a superior client engagement in today’s digital age is to do a remarkable job with information. How you capture, manage and use enterprise information defines whether you win or lose. 

DC2Vue® platform enables the following solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    • DC2Vue® Electronic Medical Record Solution
    • DC2Vue® Mental Health Care Coordination Solution
    • DC2Vue® NDIS Support Coordination Solution
    • DC2Vue® Home and Community Care Solution
    • DC2Vue® Aged Care Solution
    • DC2Vue® Referral Management Solution

We envision a future where digital care coordination involves a simple efficient model that combines people, processes and content to make improved decisions, be it clinical operational or financial.                                  

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