Data Capture Experts Pty Ltd

Data Capture Experts Pty Ltd

DC2Vue® is a Modular Care Management platform built for acute, mental health and community care service providers to streamline clinical, operational and financial processes. The platform enables care providers to digitalise, optimise and automate information intensive healthcare processes, communicate with clients, manage and connect care workers, and delivers person-centred care at scale.

DC2Vue will bring together existing data and content, automate scanning of existing and future documents and also provide an electronic platform for the end user to complete all future documentation and content with automation of workflow, communication and information.

Key Modules:

Referral Management: Manage referrals with increased efficiency and eliminate the chance of missed or lost referrals with electronic routing priority selection, tracking and reporting from intake to clinician allocation.      

Rostering and Appointment scheduling : Improve patient satisfaction and increase revenue while reducing waiting lists. Scheduling module is configured for any departmental needs, specialist clinic or a community home visit.

Care planning: Establish standardised clinical pathways which identify an appropriate sequence of clinical interventions, timeframes, goals and expected patient outcomes.

Digital Medical Record: Medical records scanning automation and smart electronic forms capability allow clinical and admin staff to reduce time spent looking for documents, enable digital discharge summary with ICD10 clinical coding automation.

Virtual Health: Enable clinical care through telemedicine, telehealth and collaboration at-a-distance. Connecting clinicians, patients and care teams to provide health services, and coordinate care.

Claiming and Statutory Reporting: Configurable dashboards, Finance system integration, Statutory reporting for CHSP, HACC,VINAH,DVA,NDIS and VADC.

DC2Vue is both interoperable, extendable and designed to take advantage of Microsoft Azure Cloud technologies. This provides health service providers with a fast, flexible platform that is responsive to changing business dynamics.

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