EpiSoft’s suite of cloud-based products include:

EpiSoft Cancer:  a standalone cloud-based chemotherapy & practice management software designed around the needs of day infusion centres. EpiSoft's Day Infusion Management Software has led to documented efficiency gains through automating much of the chemotherapy prescribing, scheduling, drug ordering and drug administration workflow. Features include smart, 1 click, treatment cycle scheduling, electronic billing for outpatient, IHC and IMC claims, cancer specific data capture, chemotherapy drug management, drug ordering module and orphan drug management. To watch our demo video visit our website www.episofthealth.com

eAdmissions powered by epi-me: EpiSoft’s mobile optimised online pre-admissions portal is used by over 70 hospitals across Australia. eAdmissions is your hospital or clinic’s virtual front door, enabling patients to securely submit their administrative and health history data capture prior to their admission or visit at your facility.

eAdmissions by epi-me is the most functionally rich patient portal on the market with such features as; informed financial consent (IFC) workflow, payment gateway, event-triggered patient communication tools, self-serve appointment booking and management, post-discharge feedback as well as being architected to support multilingual portals.

To watch our epi-me demo video click visit our website www.episofthealth.com

eReferrer portal powered by epi-me: Episoft’s mobile optimised referrer portal enables hospitals to streamline their hospital booking process. For referring doctors the portal offers a simple and convenient method to securely transmit sensitive patient information and track previously submitted requests for admission. To book a demo visit our website  

EpiSoft GI: cloud-based software for the management of patients with inflammatory bowels disease and hepatitis. Including treatment care planning and GP shared care coordination. Episoft GI enables clinicians to capture disease specific data, manage complex care plans including sending sms and email reminders to patients, involve gp’s in coordinated care plans and gain deeper insights into patient cohort with Episoft’s extensive reporting capabilities. 

EpiSoft Mental Health: a modularised cloud-based application that works for both practitioners managing their private practices and large organisations coordinating care for clients enrolled in mental health programs. EpiSoft has a library of over 100 forms including validated psychometric instruments with workflows and reports that meets the requirements of state and federal programs for alcohol & drug addiction disorders, the Partners In Recovery (PIR) program and PMHC. Features include scheduling with integrated rostering, sms & email reminders, waitlist module, integrated to most messaging vendors for receipt and sending of referrals.  

Episoft Audit: Providing a fast, efficient and highly scalable auditing tool, Episoft Audit uses a cutdown view of the core Episoft application to provide users with an easy to use, cloud-based audit tool.

The Episoft suite of applications are used by over 300 organisations across Asia-Pacific and the US collectively managing over 1 million patient records.

Find out more about all our products at www.episofthealth.com

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