Genie Solutions

Genie Solutions

Genie Solutions is Australia’s leading specialist software provider. Our products and services help over 21,000 Medical Professionals run their practice smoothly, by seamlessly integrating your appointments, billing and clinical management.   

We offer Australian Specialists two software solutions. Genie, our desktop solution, has been perfected over two decades and was developed by a doctor, and tailored to specialists. As well as thousands of intelligent features, Genie also offers optional modules that enable you to customise the software to suit your business.  

Gentu is our cloud solution and was co-created with specialists to ensure that it provides an intuitive user experience. Available to you anytime, anywhere, it offers the mobility and peace of mind of a true cloud product. Gentu also stores, maintains and protects your data, so that you can focus on other aspects of managing a successful practice.  

Genie Solutions is the industry leader for a reason. No matter what your needs, our experts can match you with the software and assistance you need to ensure your practice runs smoothly.  


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