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Global Health

Global Health is a leading provider of Digital Health solutions that address the needs of administrators, funders, clinicians and consumers across the healthcare industry. Global Health’s portfolio of products supports healthcare delivery services in both the acute and community settings with a particular focus on team-based, shared medical records and active consumer engagement.

Internet connectivity and an open architecture are the foundations of the Company’s vision of “Connecting Clinicians and Consumers”.

Global Health is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with its head office in Melbourne. 

Global Health's solutions include Practice Management Systems, Patient Administration Systems, Electronic Medical Records, Clinical Software, Secure Message Delivery Solutions, Integration Solutions, Web Based Platforms, Patient Engagement Sites and Apps and Consumer Personal Health Records.


MasterCare EMR

An intuitive team-based approach to client management which has proven to be the perfect fit for multi-speciality models of care.

A rich history in improving outcomes in Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol and other non-communicable disease settings.

MasterCare Data Warehouse collates the large volume of business and clinical data into analytic data cubes for management to gain timely and valuable insights into their healthcare operations.



MasterCase PAS

A patient administration system for hospital administrators seeking to streamline the patient journey within their facility.

MasterCare PAS manages the revenue cycle from pre-admission through to bed management, theatre management, medical records management and discharge planning. 




Australia’s leading interoperable secure messaging service connecting thousands of healthcare practitioners and organisations across Australia.

ReferralNet integrates with clinical systems in use in the GP, Specialist and Allied Health sector.  As well as providing stand-alone tools for providers to participate in secure message exchange.

ReferralNet is SMD conformant and works closely with the Australian Digital Health Agency for the implementation of the national health strategy.



MasterCare +

MasterCare + optimises Referral Management for Health Care organisations. 

Streamlining the triage or incoming referrals, managing the integration of referral submission from eReferral, web form submission, fax into one single workflow.

A cloud-hosted product supports mobility and access to patient/client information to the point of care and service delivery.

Mastercare + can be integrated into Enterprise environment with ease, synchronised with existing applications to eliminate duplication and manual entry.

Mastercare + supports Communication to and from referrers with ReferralNet. Referral notifications and visit letters can be sent ensuring care is coordinated in real time.



A fully featured practice and clinical management system to support general practitioners, specialists and allied health providers in private practice.




e-switch is an Integration engine “middleware” enabling disparate software systems that meet different needs to be used in conjunction with one another, ultimately providing improved data integrity and optimised workflow.

e-switch is based on a multi-threaded architecture to meet the requirements of enterprises requiring a high volume of information exchange.




A digital patient engagement platform for healthcare practitioners to engage with patients and clients online.

Easily create and maintain online engagement features with a website and mobile app to streamline the patient journey and build communities around your healthcare brand.

Video conferencing features enable telehealth appointments to occur within the app.  




A personal health record for consumers to securely store and access their health information anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Key medical records, observations and measurements can be monitored and tracked to encourage positive behavior change.

The Lifecard platform empowers individuals to pro-actively maintain their wellness and manage their health outcomes.



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