Aged Care Software System by GSO Care Pty Ltd - GSO Care®

Aged Care Software System by GSO Care Pty Ltd - GSO Care®

GSO Care® Aged Care Software System delivering effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in individualised care whilst preserving profitability, and increasing productivity.

GSO® Care Consultant - Partnering providers to implement and comply with new aged care standards to deliver service excellence.


GSO Care Aged Care Software benefits.....
Decrease the cost of chasing funding.
A provider with 25 facilities, will typically employ 4 full time staff and then part time (1 day per week) floor staff for each facility.  At a modest average wage of $65,000, that amounts to $585,000, and $23,400 per facility per year.
If this effort could be reduced to one staff member, that would be an annual saving of $520,000, or $20,800 per facility.


GSO Care Aged Care Software provides this capability.
GSO Care aged care software clients may, at their absolute discretion, add unlimited users into the complimentary applications, and charge users a monthly subscription, perhaps as part of additional services.
GSO Care Aged Care Software
  • Automates ACFI monitoring and appraisals
  • Automates government mandated self audits
  • Automates essential communication with family members, GPs and allied health, and government agencies.
  • Identifies resident care variances in real time, eliminating delayed appropriate care and reducing often costly mistakes.


By employing intelligent automation, GSO Care Aged Care Software can:
  • Assist providers to increase carer productivity.
  • Identify HIGH and LOW work load times on a daily basis, allowing management to re-schedule non-critical tasks away from peak periods.
  • MINIMISE shift handover time by displaying relevant data on a live shift handover dashboard.
  • Accurately record data in a timely manner which may significantly reduce support visit impact and non-compliance issues.
  • Reduce the cost of ACFI appraisals and potentially increase funding.

GSO Care Consultant
  • We partner with providers to create sustainable outcomes for their organisation and the people it serves.
  • We have 20 years experience in helping aged care organisations change to survive and thrive.
  • GSO Care Consultants are experts in compliance and new aged care standards for residential aged care.
  • We provide sustainable pathways out of non-compliance and sanction issues.
  • We offer flexibility to work within budgets.
  • We create customised workforce development and training programs with an emphasis on organisational change and cultural improvement.
  • We offer "Back To Basics" workshops for all roles from clinical managers to PCAs, cleaners and life style staff.
  • We offer accreditation preparation.
  • We provide customer and family member dispute resolution coaching.

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