HCS by Hivetec

HCS by Hivetec

HCS is the complete package for care and support providers in Aged Care, NDIS, Community Nursing, Retirement Communities, Transitional Care and Palliative Care. It is proven to seamlessly manage workers, clients, and packages.

Scheduling and Rostering 

The system provides recommendations on worker/client matches. This is based on client preferences, appointment time, and the skill set of the service provider.

Client Relationship Management 

HCS manages client demographics, referrals, quotes, forms, test results, activities, and billing details. Online billing to Medicare and DVA, as well as automated and comprehensive client statements.

Assessments can be carried out at point of care and linked to dynamic care plans.

Mobile Application

Information is recorded at the point of care. Workers are able to review the list of activities to be completed during the visit, checking them off as they go.

Client Portal 

Clients are able to view all selected documentation including budgets, episode of care, clinical documents and referrals.

Business Intelligence

Because HCS is developed to allow for the provision of consumer directed care, each activity and item conducted by the provider can be costed and measured. 

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