Healthcare Software

Healthcare Software (HCS) designs, builds and provides solutions and services that allow for informed health decisions to be made, and then actioned. HCS solutions not only guide decision making but also allow those decisions to be actioned in a consistent, economical way that delivers quality evidence-based care aligned to the health provider’s organisational standards and governance. HCS applications include clinical workflow applications that allow prescribing of drugs and complete medication management, related HCS applications collect health data, process this data and supplements it with information from other health applications. HCS also produces applications and solutions beyond the realm of medications including consumer health records and decision making and service selection of health consumables and health professional services.

In hospitals and other acute care settings, HCS provides solutions that guide clinicians, enhance patient care in hospitals, and communicate patient care interventions, episodes, summaries and medical data and records to other clinicians and health care providers. 

For primary care, government health services and health organisations that are focussed on a clinical or disease speciality, HCS provides solutions that organise clinical references, databases, guidelines, standards, policies and business rules. The vast and complex range of resources that are needed to guide decisions are aligned and managed to enable a clinician to make the needed fast, but informed decision constant with organisational standards and best practice.

For a community, government and health insurance clients HCS has developed cloud-delivered solutions to manage personal wellness and health such as the Healthcare Software Personal Health Record (HCS PHR) and a planned series of personal health apps that leverage the health data maintained in the HCS PHR.

HCS products and solutions are designed and built upon a core technology layer has been designed to natively support and leverage Australian and international healthcare informatics and clinical standards. HCS products are contemporary, connected solutions, with the flexibility of the cloud, localised or device centred hosting and management. HCS solutions are equally capable of being delivered as complete standalone applications or presented as additional modules or capability extending applications within other solutions.





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