Healthshare was established in 2010 as a result of the company founders struggling to find the right health information and practitioners when their family members needed to address serious health issues. 


They discovered that internet searches seeking specific information on health conditions, or the right healthcare professional, were often developed for an overseas audience, were from unreliable sources, or simply weren't relevant or up-to date. 


Thankfully, Healthshare's founders were able to resolve their family health issues, but, in the process, they realised that the internet could be used to support Australians who were struggling in similar circumstances. 


Healthshare was created to provide digital solutions that solved pain points for all Australians, and since 2010, our mission has been to empower Australians to make better health decisions. 


To achieve this, we have developed a range of products to make it easier for patients and healthcare professionals (general practitioners, specialists, practice nurses and pharmacists) to access information that can help improve patient health outcomes. 


Healthshare also provides a free service, SpecialistNow, which assists patients in making fast-tracked appointments with qualified Australian specialists.

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