iMedX Australia & New Zealand

iMedX Australia & New Zealand

iMedX Australia & New Zealand partners with healthcare providers to deliver end-to-end solutions in medical transcription, revenue cycle management, clinical coding and clinical documentation improvement.

Our mission is to drive better health outcomes by enabling providers to operate at their best.  iMedX fuses industry-leading technology with the most qualified people to formulate precision in the clinical documentation and revenue cycle process. Our highly trained technical team understands medical context, discerns for accuracy, and provides an unparalleled level of service unattainable from software alone. 

With 19 years experience, iMedX serves an impressive array of medical professionals across Australia and New Zealand. Clients include numerous large facilities, Integrated Health Delivery Networks, community hospitals and multi-specialty physician groups.

Our solutions:

Medical Transcription Services

iMedX is a leading medical transcription provider to hospitals and clinics in Australia and New Zealand. We use leading dictation and documentation management platform eScription One powered by Nuance, and high quality, experienced medical transcriptionists to provide full outsource, co-sourced or backlog solutions. All solutions are customisable and integrated into your practice management systems and workflows.

Clinical Coding

iMedX works with Australia trained and qualified clinical coders to assist with your coding needs:

  • Backlog coding assistance 
  • Leave replacement coding 
  • Fast deployment of coders
  • Remote and onside deployment
  • Long- and short-term assignments
  • Part or full outsourcing of your coding 
  • Paper based medical records, hybrid systems or complete EMRs

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI)

Improve quality of documentation in medical records to capture the highest specificity so that improved patient outcomes, data quality and accurate reimbursement are ensured.

iMedX targets the root cause and delivers a solution to your clinical documentation accuracy deficiencies by providing a full package of services, including baseline assessments, training and education for all clinical documentation stakeholders.

Health consulting 

iMedX health consulting experts support business needs by providing solutions that allows clients to focus on consumer care. Our expertise spans all facets of healthcare strategy across the care continuum from staying well, prevention, to episode care, and through recovery.




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