"Technology is never the final answer nor the essence.  It is what it can do that really matters. The rest is human.  

That’s what intelligent digital transformation is about:  smarter, better, more valuable outcomes for people and organisations. "


InfoMedix is proud to be an Australian owned and operated company with a wealth of experience in delivering software solutions to hospitals since 2000. The range of Infomedix products are now implemented in over 60 sites across Australia in acute, mental health and community healthcare settings.


InfoMedix digitally holds over 40 million pathology and radiology results , over 10 million digitally created forms, and over 300 million scanned documents. We have more than 50,000 individual users accessing our system every day and we integrate with over 30 different clinical and administration systems.


Our product suite includes:


Digital Patient Chart

DPC is an enterprise content management system, it integrates patient and administrative data from existing hospital systems, scanner paper records, and direct entry via digital forms to create a digital medical record that is simple and easy to use


Referral Manager

The Referral process is a critical component of quality clinical care. The InfoMedix Referrals Manager Module can transition a health service from a paper-based-system reliant on manual input, to an automated workflow.


Coding Manager

The InfoMedix coding Manager Module is an automated workflow that assists coders in managing the clinical coding of discharged patients


Discharge Manager

InfoMedix Discharge Manager streamlines and simplifies the transmission of Health Information to the Australian Government's My Health Record system.



Clinivid is an intuitive information sharing platform. allows you to share images, reports, video and notes with other clinicians not available. All patient data is shared in the DPC and can be encrypted and secured in the cloud.

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