Intrahealth was incorporated in 1997 with a mission to develop leading-edge electronic medical record software for the community healthcare markets with an emphasis on information tools that support Integration of the delivery system. The majority of our customers are diverse and multidisciplinary health providers and include primary care, mental health, community health, specialist health care, sexual health, diabetes, health promotion, health protection, indigenous people’s health, etc with integrations into other healthcare environments. 

In the early 2000’s Intrahealth recognised a global shift towards integrated community care provision and a patient centric approach and went about analysing the Australian, New Zealand, UK and Canadian markets, looking at trends in health delivery and determined how a single product set could work across many different segments. The result was a highly flexible “platform” approach with two editions: an enterprise variant and a cloud variant built on the fault tolerance and scalability of the Enterprise architecture. Our largest customer has 4,000 users of which 1,600+ are concurrent at any one time.

Our Customers

The platform approach and flexibility of our application suite is demonstrated by some diverse enterprise customer implementations globally. These include Victorian Justice Health system (branded JCare) with over 750 diverse health care workers through the Corrections system, Western Australian Corrections (Health), Australian Red Cross, Australian Antarctic Division, Auckland Regional Mental Health with over 1600 concurrent users & Auckland Community Health and Sexual Health. In Canada Intrahealth hosts over 3000 primary care users and has enterprise customers including Public Health and Health Authorities across Canada) representing. Intrahealth has also had a presence in Queensland for fifteen years and has large multi-site Community and Specialist customers. Intrahealth globally has well over 20,000 users.

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