IT4GP can help with your IT Strategic Planning for your practice, with our skilled team working with you to create a clear, understandable and actionable IT strategies. Our staff are environment specialists and can easily assist in the reorganisation, upgrade or overhaul of your IT environment as we are quite familiar with all aspects of medical clinics and the IT requirements to ensure the best hands are at work.


Established in 2007, IT4GP is an innovative Victorian based IT Solutions business dedicated to the Australian market. We are focused on helping General Practices with their IT, however our skills and experience extend to aspects of new and existing practice. We have seen several variations of different technology and we help our customers deliver better outcomes by avoiding a lot of the costly technology traps.


We offer a full range of IT Management consulting services with a strong focus on “Business IT” – Driving optimal IT investment outcomes. By understanding your overall goals and current situation, you will be in a better place to determine what your practice needs by the way of skills, systems, applications and networks. These IT goals need to be clearly identified and prioritised, with funding and resource plans created to meet the goals.


Practices need regular review of their plans and strategic direction, with adjustments as new information arises. The IT world is an ever changing atmosphere and having the right people in place to monitor, maintain and provide advice is an inevitable application.


From plan to foundations, from bricks to mortar, IT4GP looks after every step of the way so if you are thinking of opening a new clinic or taking over an existing we may be the most experienced people in your market to help.

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