Jayex Healthcare

Jayex Healthcare

Jayex Healthcare develops healthcare technology solutions for both practices and hospitals that help connect healthcare providers with their patients.

For over 20 years Jayex Healthcare has developed patient flow management, online appointment booking and patient engagement hardware and software solutions for both primary healthcare practices and hospitals. Currently active in over 4,000 sites around the world, Jayex solutions support over 40,000,000 patient interactions every year though the Jayex Self Check-In Kiosk solution. 

Originating in the UK, Jayex has worked with the NHS for over 15 years to provide the healthcare industry with world leading patient flow management solutions. Over the past several years the company has established itself in the Australian market as the most reliable and efficient patient flow management solution provider. 

To work in conjunction with patient flow management solutions, Jayex recently acquired Appointuit. Subsequently, Jayex now proudly provides the Australian healthcare industry with a stronger all-encompassing range of patient flow management, online and app patient appointment bookings and patient engagement solutions for healthcare practices and their patients.

Specialising in healthcare technology, Jayex provides solutions that facilitate a constant exchange of information between patients and healthcare practices.

Seamlessly integrating with all of the major practice management software providers, Jayex Healthcare's solutions drive efficiency to help practices deliver a higher level of healthcare. 

With simple Self Check-In Kiosks, patient calling, patient wayfinding, online and app based appointment booking solutions, Email and SMS reminders and recalls, patient engagement immunisation campaigns and digital communication broadcasts for practices that all seamlessly integrate with major practice management software providers, Jayex helps you connect better with your patients to achieve better healthcare outcomes.

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