Knosys | GreenOrbit Intranet Solution

Knosys | GreenOrbit Intranet Solution


Do you want to connect with your frontline staff?

GreenOrbit (GO) is the way to go!
We are 
a leading Healthcare Intranet provider, we understand your needs.


GO has worked closely and collaboratively with multiple healthcare organizations since
its inception 17 years ago, providing software solutions and consultancy services.

Healthcare organizations use GreenOrbit to communicate, manage documents and streamline processes from a central platform. GreenOrbit makes information easily accessible for healthcare workers, allowing them provide exceptional care to patients and peers.

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How GreenOrbit will help your healthcare organization:

  • Keeping frontline teams in the loop on all vital healthcare updates and information.

  • Move communication away from email and into a central platform.
  • Share the latest news, updates, research and developments with co-workers.

  • Peer-to-peer medical network support. Find and connect to a specialist fast.  

  • Solve problems in real time. Key information at your fingertips.

  • Collaborate with healthcare colleagues.

  • Provide every member of staff access to the right policies and procedures.

  • Making it easier for doctors, nurses, clinicians and administrators.

  • More accessible & user friendly out of the box intranet platform.







An example below of the GreenOrbit's intranet in action.
Your intranet platform can look like this!


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