MedicAlert Foundation

MedicAlert Foundation

MedicAlert offers more than just medical identification jewellery. When you purchase one of our products, you're also investing in a vital MedicAlert membership. As part of your membership, your ID will be linked to our 24/7 emergency response service. The allows emergency services to quickly recognise your conditions, allergies, implants, devices, identification needs or management plans, and provide the fastest and most effective treatment in an emergency. 

Each MedicAlert ID is custom engraved with the wearer's vital health and personal information, a personal identification number and the 24/7 emergency response number.

The Australia Medic Alert Foundation is a membership based organisation that has been helping protect Australians for over 45 years. It's very important your ID is easily recognisable. The genuine MedicAlert ID is recognised in many countries around the world, giving you extra peace of mind when you travel. MedicAlert products are worn around the neck and on the wrist (pulse points). 

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