MEDITECH today stands at the forefront of the health care information systems industry. Our products serve well over 2,300 health care organisations around the world. Large health care enterprises, multi-hospital alliances, teaching hospitals, community hospitals, rehabilitation and psychiatric chains, long-term care organisations, physician's general practice offices, and home care and hospice agencies all use our Health Care Information System to bring integrated care to the populations they serve. Our experience, along with our financial and product stability, assures our customers a long-term information systems partner to help them achieve their goals.

Our next-generation web platform is named Expanse. Expanse is defined as, "an uninturrupted space or area; a great reach or extent of command. The complete and total view." That's exactly what we're brining to the table with our web-based EHR platform - an open workspace spanning every care setting, where clinicians can work unfettered by technological constraints.

Expanse is designed to bring care to new places - where will it take you?

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