Medtasker is a hospital communication and task management platform.

Our desktop and smartphone apps securely deliver tasks to the right staff member, the first time, to improve patient safety, increase organisational efficiency and reduce medicolegal risk.

Medtasker sends standardised ISBAR messages to a staff member's smartphone to facilitate effective task triaging. Tasks can be acknowledged upon receipt, shared with colleagues to balance the workload, and ticked off when done. Managers can also view and analyse workload in real time, and adjust as necessary.

The platform streamlines clinical communications, providing a single channel to manage requests, from routine PSA tasks to urgent reviews of deteriorating patients. Medtasker’s alerts and escalations can be configured to match your hospital’s processes, and ensure patients receive safe and timely care.

Medtasker’s On-Duty Directory enables other hospital systems to send notifications and alerts to the right on-duty staff member. Half days, shift swaps and leave are all reflected in real time. 

Medtasker. Painless hospital communications.

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