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 Meridian Health Informatics is a leader in provision of clinical and health data collection software to the public and private health sectors. Our award winning software Clinixian, has been successfully used to develop healthcare systems for obstetric and perinatal care, drug & alcohol and sub-acute/non-acute data collection systems. Clinixian technology enables users to build a system to meet their unique requirements.  Fully integrated scalable healthcare enterprise systems can be created rapidly and at much less cost and risk than by using a conventional software development approach.

 The maternity and perinatal care solutions are widely used in NSW, QLD and Tasmania by both public and private health sectors, recording over 90,000 births last year.

 A clinical assessment and cost weighting solution using Clinixian has been implemented across NSW for use by rehabilitation, palliative care and psychogeriatric care facilities.

Several solutions using Clinixian developed for Justic Health NSW include a Drug and Alchol program support system and a Foresnsic  patient management system.

 Clinixian uses a meta data based technology that enables the customer to encapsulate clinical knowledge in the form of terminology, constraints and rules.  This knowledge database, referred to as a clinical ‘model’ is tightly coupled to the patient browser application and regulates the functionality and behavior of the user interface. This approach accommodates the evolving nature of clinical meta-data and enables the development of data collection systems that are fundamental to evidence based medicine.  

Data quality is ensured via a combination of data validation built into the data base schema and a power rules engine.

The systems are available in both intranet and web formats and can be accessed via a variety of mobile devices.



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