NEXA Group

NEXA Group

NEXA is an independent Australian company that designs and delivers solutions to streamline patient journeys. NEXA is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading health IT solution providers and our globally recognised technology, data-driven insights and collaborative approach ensures we optimise every patient journey.



1. A robust real-time Patient Journey Optimisation platform (Q-Flow) with a proven track record that includes; appointment scheduling, queue management, workflow management, patient notifications, self-service Apps, digital signage and patient feedback solution

2. Experienced service design to enhance the patient experience

3. Solution delivery

4. Ongoing support for successful implementation


NEXA’s patient-centric platform is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your core systems. By connecting patients and staff with information in real-time, and integrating workflows within a healthcare facility, your entire organisation can move forward in unison, fully utilising available resources and managing patient and staff expectations.



  • Enhance patient experience
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase patient management productivity
  • Provide management transparency and easy reporting
  • Compliment your EMR

NEXA has over 10 years of experience implementing its comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective Healthcare Solution into large, medium and small healthcare facilities across Australia and New Zealand. Some of our clients include Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Care, Prince of Wales Randwick, The Prince Charles Hospital, Blacktown Hospital, Westmead Hospital, Nepean Hospital, Broken Hill Hospital and more.


If your healthcare facility wants to make every patient interaction matter then talk to us today.

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