NEXA Group

NEXA Group

NEXA leverage's market-leading software from around the world to achieve optimised business outcomes for our clients’ success and to create better experiences for management, staff and customers. NEXA is now regarded as the leading provider of patient flow technology in hospitals across Australia and New Zealand and currently offers:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Queue Management,
  • Workforce Management 
  • Digital Signage 
  • Consulting
  • Patient Experience 
  • Patient Feedback

NEXA is a strategic partner who will:

  1. Build upon the current strengths of your organisation
  2. Link your Customer Experience Strategy to technology solutions, staff actions and internal processes
  3. Deliver training solutions to optimise staff behaviours
  4. Provide ongoing consulting and technical support

​​Our technology, proven track-record and team centric culture set us apart in the market:

Technology: NEXA are the exclusive licensed reseller of Q-Flow® in Australia and New Zealand. Q-Flow® is an enterprise software solution managing many different elements of face-to-face service and sales, each a 'must-have' product in its own right.  Q-Flow® provides a scalable, modular approach for any size of organisation, delivering tools for customer greeters (concierge), queueing and routing functions; service appointment scheduling; staff optimisation; cross-enterprise process management and service level management; digital signage and in-store advertising; real time service monitoring, proactive alerts and reporting; and more.

Track record: The NEXA solution supports organisations of all sizes and geographic locations, allowing centralised or distributed processing in any environment – be it cloud based or hosted in-house. We have successfully implemented our software solution across the healthcare, government, education, banking and retail industries. Our recent business success highlights the breadth of our experience, implementing solutions for the Department of Immigration & Border Protection, Prince of Wales Hospital and BUPA. But it is the advocacy from our existing clients that is testimony to the quality of our product and service.

Team Centric Culture: Our consultative approach and strong team ethos ensure we deliver real results, every time. At NEXA our people come first, as we know our clients won’t love us unless our team does first.

NEXA is rapidly expanding in the Australian and New Zealand market and a leading Customer Experience specialist.

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