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Our extensive experience in building and integrating solutions that fit into and operate in, large public and private hospital environments, make Ocean leaders in understanding the unique pressures of 24-hour availability, in settings where clinical and engineering know-how and expert integration skills are essential.

Successful Integrations in Major Hospitals

Ocean’s Multiprac Infection Control system is used by large public enterprises, such as Queensland Health and Northern Territory Health, as well as a large number of private hospital groups, including Ramsay Health, Calvary Health and St Vincent’s Health. Ocean also has systems running and integrating with systems across NT Health and has successfully integrated with the NSW Health HealthNet application with its Care Planning tool.


The OceanEHR eHealth platform is at the core of all of these successful implementations and provides the enterprise-ready, high-availability, high-throughput, components that modern hospitals require.

Integrated Care – GPs, Nurses, and Allied Health

Ocean’s practical solutions help GPs, nurses and allied health professionals work together efficiently to manage patients with complex problems in the community.

Ocean’s Care Planning and Integrated Care solutions help solve some of these problems. These solutions are built on Ocean’s OceanEHR eHealth platform, which provides a rich, longitudinal health record for patients and meets national and international standards. The Care Planning and Integrated Care applications connect GPs, Specialists, Allied Health Providers, Nurses and Acute sector clinicians with the patient at the centre, in a comprehensive, flexible and living care plan.

Consumers at front and centre

The OceanEHR eHealth platform solutions put the consumer squarely at the centre. OceanEHR provides a rich, life-long electronic health record that can interface with applications used by clinicians in the community and hospitals, as well as consumer apps. From devices in the home that record blood pressure, weight, pulse or blood glucose, to mobile applications, Ocean can bring the information together into a single, rich electronic health record.

Ocean's Integrated Care application, known as LinkedEHR, is a comprehensive tool that connects patients with their carers across a continuum of care – from the community to the hospital - underpinned by a comprehensive care planning tool.

Built in partnership with Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WentWest), LinkedEHR provides a single, dynamic shared care plan that is accessible by the entire care team.  It enables General Practitioners, allied health providers, specialists and hospital-based clinicians insight to the complete range of care activities that are planned or being carried out for their most complex patients as they move between each participating healthcare provider.  

Products include;

Linked eHR
Mental Health
Infection Control
Care Planning

Clinical Knowledge Manager
Chronic Disease Management
Staff Health
Indigenous Health
Hearing Health
Clinical Modelling Tools



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