Pen CS - CAT Plus

Pen CS - CAT Plus

Pen CS is the provider of the CAT Plus software solution that is deployed by PHNs and the peak Indigenous bodies to practices and services throughout their catchments. CAT Plus assists practices with data quality, improved patient outcomes and participation in quality improvement programs. It  includes:

  • Topbar for patient point of care decision support;
  • Clinical Audit Tool (CAT4) for practice population health; and
  • Practice Aggregation Tool (PAT CAT) for PHN population health planning and reporting.

Key features of CAT Plus:

  • Data quality is managed through Topbar when the patient record is open and can be reviewed and updated.
  • Practices can see and measure the change in their data over time using CAT4.
  • Practices are able to choose to submit their deidentified to their PHNs PAT CAT and benchmark their data against the PHN aggregated data.
  • Data submission is by agreement between the practice and the PHN. It should be noted and understood that Pen CS does not at any point in the data chain have access to or receive any patient data.

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