Personify Care

Personify Care

Personify Care believe people deserve the best possible care, even when they are not in the hospital or clinic.

We provide software that helps healthcare teams reach patients when they need it most, by rapidly converting their clinical pathways into a digital patient experience. Using a human-centered design approach we provide patients with convenient access to their care and provide front-line clinical staff with real-time visibility to their patients’ reported progress, quality of life, and care experience.  In doing so, we are simultaneously reducing the burden on staff and ensuring patients get access to the care they need when they need it most.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your existing patient experience, Personify Care is an easy-to-use mobile platform that lets hospital staff convert their existing clinical and administrative protocols into digital patient pathways.

Patients are automatically assigned to the pathway that’s relevant to their procedure, hospital or clinic. Patients receive a daily mobile checklist of things they need to do, things they need to know, and forms and assessments they need to complete – prior to their admission or once they’ve been discharged.

No need for special hardware or changes to a team’s existing clinical workflows.

Proven to simultaneously:

  • Improve patient experience 
  • Drive organisational efficiency
  • Enable clinical best practice 

Personify Care’s novel technology platform uses data-driven models to deliver patient adoption of digital patient pathways at scale.  In the past 12 months alone, the Personify Care platform has delivered an 89% patient response rate across more than 6.2 million patient interactions from diverse patient populations in public and private healthcare settings across Australia, New Zealand, and internationally.

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