Established in 1995, PowerHealth is a leading and innovative player in the healthcare industry, specialising in business management, decision support and application integration solutions for hospitals and other healthcare enterprises. Operating solely in the healthcare industry with a wealth of experience and leading-edge technology, PowerHealth has consistently demonstrated its ability to successfully implement its billing and costing systems in any setting.

At PowerHealth, our mission is to help our clients deliver the highest quality care at the lowest operational costs. We specialise in billing, costing, healthcare budgeting and incident management solutions, with the purpose of improving healthcare efficiency. Our products deliver a positive return on investment, regardless of organisation size.

PowerHealth is a dynamic and growing organisation with its head office in Australia, as well as overseas offices in Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong and the United States. The organisation supports a mature customer base in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, steady growth in Canada, England and the United States, and more recent successes in the Middle East.

Finally, PowerHealth is ISO 9001 certified, with quality-assured systems and processes. Through annual external audits, we consistently receive commendations on our excellent levels of process management, especially in systems development, delivery and support.



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