SiSU Health

SiSU Health

SiSU Health is a leading provider of end-to-end health management across Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe; we support the community to measure, track and improve their health.

We supply SiSU Health Stations to organisations that wish to encourage their customers, employees and wider community to get involved in their health. We also offer a digital platform that provides comprehensive and personalised support to improve your health.

SiSU Health aims to help ease the effects of lifestyle-related diseases on the global healthcare systems, by offering an affordable and accessible platform to help people globally live a healthier life. Our 4 minute Health Checks are FREE so find your nearest SiSU Health Station and get ready to Measure. Track. Improve. 

Our online SiSU Portal, is the simple way to understand your health and receive guidance and support along your journey to better health management.

- Be more informed about your health

- Live healthy and reach your full potential

- Join over one million others who live better with SiSU Health.

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