Stat Health Systems (Aust)

Stat Health Systems (Aust)

Whether you’re a healthcare practitioner, or have spent time working in a consultation based office, you will have experienced the trauma that is the handling of paperwork and patient information on a mass scale.

Ensure the streamlined running of your business, and simplify a wide range of tasks that would otherwise demand maximum hours and detailed attention: the healthcare management software from Stat Health is designed with your office administration in mind. Make the switch to electronic health records and bring medical practice management in to the twenty first century.

Described by its users as ‘one of a kind’, our medical practice management software helps healthcare workers to keep on top of paperwork, simplifying a wide array of organizational processes and making sure that time is spent wisely. Not only that, but our medical management systems allow for accurate tracking of hours spent, as well as offering helpful reminders for tasks to be completed.

Our new practice management systems have revolutionized medical software programs in Australia, offering a service that will streamline the running of your clinic, allowing you to quickly and effectively track the running of your organization.

Stat Health Software provides 

  • Storing of Patient Information and History
  • Appointment Scheduling (automatic reminders)
  • Script Writing, eScripts

Don’t get bogged down by paperwork and admin: ensure your medical practice is the best it can possibly be, and employ the services of Stat Health. 

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