INS LifeGuard

INS LifeGuard

Integrated Personal Response, TeleHealth and Virtual Care

INS LifeGuard supplies innovative solutions comprising Personal Response, Medical Alarms, TeleHealth and integrated virtual care / medical services, as well as other specialised, tailored and unique Call Centre activities. Our services are available nation-wide.

INS is a health care provider. Our Emergency Response Centre is staffed by highly qualified and experienced nurses. Their qualifications and clinical knowledge are far greater than the ‘first aid attendants’ commonly used in the industry.

The exciting new LifeGuard SmartHome IPD

Our new LifeGuard SmartHome IPD is a unique, patented system that can put Personal Emergency Response, TeleHealth, Virtual Nurse or GP Consults, Home Automation, Voice and Internet, Social Networking and much more right at your fingertips. It consists of a purpose-built computer that wirelessly sends and receives signals to and from various transmitters and assists with monitoring a person’s health.

LifeGuard SmartHome IPD is an IP Dialler featuring a built-in VoIP phone and allows for amazing quality two-way, hands-free voice communication for those wishing to connect to INS LifeGuard’s phone network.* Our optional SIP Telephone Service allows you to use it as your standard home telephone. You can even transfer your current phone number to this service.

If your home or village isn’t internet-connected, INS can lay the infrastructure framework to provide I.P. technology delivering voice and internet services either via current Copper, CAT or Fibre cabling, via INS LifeGuard’s 3G or 4G M2M SIM service, or our exciting new wireless WiFi technologies.

* Not available in all areas.

Why choose us?

INS LifeGuard exceeds Australian Standards. Indeed we work under the higher standard required and expected of us as registered health care providers. We’re also a contracted provider for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

INS is a health care provider, so our services are prevention based; they are comprehensive, fully flexible and tailored to the needs of the individual client or village.

The fact that all medical events are handled by qualified nurses is unique to INS LifeGuard and we feel it’s an important distinction. Emergency personnel can be engaged quickly if required, and our nurses can not only share personal details, but also medical information that could save a life.

The INS Group is a wholly Australian owned, family-run business. 

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