Therapeutic Guidelines

Therapeutic Guidelines

Therapeutic Guidelines is a leading source of independent, evidence-based, practical treatment advice written principally for prescribers to provide them with clear, practical, succinct and up-to-date therapeutic information for a range of conditions. Therapeutic Guidelines offer therapeutic advice to assist practitioners with decision making at the point of care to ensure their patients receive optimum treatment. It is recognised as providing an authoritative voice for therapy and treatment advice in every state and territory health service.  

Content in Therapeutic Guidelines includes guidance in the following therapeutic areas:  

Addiction Medicine, Antibiotic, Bone and Metabolism, Cardiovascular, Dermatology, Developmental Disability, Diabetes, Fatigue, Gastrointestinal, Liver Disorders, Neurology, Oral and Dental, Pain and Analgesia, Palliative Care, Psychotropic, Respiratory, Rheumatology, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Toxicology and Toxinology, Ulcer and Wound Management, Wilderness Medicine

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