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Freedom to live your life

03-02-2016 10:31AM

Tunstall offers a range of innovative products including landline, mobile and wearable personal alarms, fall detectors, activity monitors and environmental sensors.

Our solutions enable freedom and independence by unobtrusively monitoring risks to your safety within the home.


Tunstall Connected Health Solutions

03-02-2016 10:50AM

Telehealth is the remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs and symptoms in their own home – proven to enhance the quality of life and clinical outcomes for people with long-term conditions.

It also helps people understand and manage their health, enabling them to stay out of hospital and enjoy life with their family and friends.


Tunstall Telehealthcare Times

03-02-2016 11:00AM

The Tunstall Telehealthcare Times is our quarterly magazine designed to give you a comprehensive round-up of all that’s new in the telehealthcare arena.

In this issue: Next-gen GPS watch released for Christmas, Tunstall travel diaries-Our trade mission to China and Taiwan, Easy steps for prescribing AT.